A.N.D Architects – Design firm based in Danang City, Vietnam is a home to the architects and engineers whom experienced many years in design & construction. With passion and love, we are always making efforts to find the best solution for each project, create a real value of use, optimizing clients business through design solutions.


We are a team built on the base of Trust, Transparency, Sharing experience & Perfecting each one through other strengths. We keep the same standard in each progress of working with clients.

  • TRANSPARENCY is a key way of creating Trust. By laying out the truth about our work, we orient to clear working progress in details so that client can concentrate on our product and service ‘s value.
  • CONNECTIVITY is to understand our client, their habits, needs, purposes and even we offer potential benefits that client haven’t had it in their mind yet. Therefore, we can create product which go beyond the client‘s initial expectation. Connectivity is also to build a strong relation to reach more effective business both internally and externally.
  • RESPONSIBILITY is our commitment of our products. With the slogan of “Following from Concept to Completion”, we always take care from design of construction to completion of details.


At the heart of everything we do is the philosophy that architecture and design is elegant and timeless. To ENGAGE our clients and communities, to DESIGN value in places, which is to reach the high level of use and client’s business value.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide design, construction & operation solutions in total for hi-end building works.
Today, since the successful practices in the Vietnam market, we continue to grow and desire to expand our portfolio to other countries in term of that each project is a wonderful combination between local cultural motifs and modern architecture.