Binh Tien Golf Clubhouse

This project is just one part of the whole 5 star master plan. The overal project cover an area of 192 hectares at Binh Tien beach, Ninh Thuan province.

With the initial project position planned by the SOM, A.N.D carefully studied the role the project would play in future developments of the project, thereby proposing better positioning of the Clubhouse, leading to increased efficiency of gold course operation and vastly improving the Clubhouse’s views as well as increasing business opportunities for future developments of hillside villas.

The sloping roof shape is inspired by the mountains surrounding the land. This, combined with the modern architecture of glass walls will maximize the view overlooking the gold course. The project is a two story building with a total area of 9644 square meters. This includes a full basement that can be used for staff, caddies, parking and other ancillary items. The 1st floor covers an area of 2428 square meters. This floor can be used as service area. From the reception, guests can access the outdoor terrace with a carefully calculated height to see both the golf course and the beach without covering view of the villas behind. The restaurant, bar, VIP room is on the East side of the block, taking the entire eastern sea view.

A.N.D collaborated with foreign experts experienced in designing and operating golf course projects to bring the best solutions for both architecture & performance.


Binh Tien Resort , Cong Hai hamlet, Thuan Bac district, Ninh Thuan province


Binh Tien Invest and tourism JSC


192 ha