To ensure A.N.D‘s designs impress clearly our criteria “Following from Concept to Completion”, each design is the result of our closed design processed. During the drafting phase of the idea, all architects are involved in choosing the best option and that option will be worked together to create completing product sent to clients base on flexible and appropriate job division.

Connect and sharing

Enhancing mutual interaction in company is always recommended. At A.N.D, senior experienced architects follow and sharing experiences with junior architects. Short daily exchange about works between colleagues, staffs and managers are always maintained. Thank for this, the harmony between the architectural idea and the feasibility of the work is ensured.

Besides, weekly meeting is a chance that everyone gather and share personal joy as well as difficult at work. Here, everybody will directly expressed their opinions as well as proposed to board of Directors to receive answer or timely solutions.

Beside birthday events, annual domestic and international trips is chance to relax and connect with each other.

Self- development

Professionally, combining with foreign experts with experience gives each individual at AND the opportunity to learn working skills and maximize their abilities and roles in the working environment international work.

At A.N.D, architects always have the opportunity to be trained, practice design skills as well as other soft skills such as how to initiate and develop a concept, presentation skills, teamwork skills,… on the need and progressive spirit of each individual.

The culture of reading and sharing expertise has always been focused. The corner “mini library” is always the place that architects look to when discussing issues of architecture, movies, music,… & relax between working hours.

Not only focusing on personal professional development, the health and spirit of all personnel in AND is also concerned by the company organizing and maintaining many activities such as running, swimming, yoga, meditation… Practicing together, encouraging each other is considered an indispensable culture in AND. The development of each individual is associated with the collective development and vice versa, according to the motto that each A.N.D employee always remembers “One for all, all for one”.

Ready to Get Started?

The hiring process should be a win-win, matching talented employees with employers who are committed to helping them grow. At A.N.D, we welcome you to get to know us. Ask questions. Browse our website. Visit our offices. Take a look at our projects and our process, and come talk to us about how your skills, interests, and goals and if let’s see if they align with our firmʼs values.