Diamond Bay Luxury Resort

The design of Diamond Bay Resort is inspired by the Client’s interest: Diamond. The design orientation is in the style of a luxurious and modern diamond crystal. The first impression for the guests is the giant diamond block, with the height of 12m and 10m in diameter as a sculpture in front of the building, opening the feeling of luxury and excitement.

The beauty of the diamond is created by its own internal structure. The staircase core is arranged as a part of the structure, allowing visitors to explore the interior. At night, the diamond shined by the lights inside and releases the light into the night sky like a powerful mass of energy.

The reception includes the hall combined with restaurant, cafes, … surrounded by the facade, bringing a feeling of novelty and luxury.


P. Phuoc Dong ward, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province


Hoan Cau Group


4.6 ha


5-star resort


30 mils USD