Phuong Trang Urban Complex

The proposed urban complex which includes high rise commercial building, public service building, residential and combinations of all of these has the purpose of addressing the issues of community living and infrastructure. The objective is to create a social infrastructure that can improve the living conditions of local people while at the same time creating a new face for Danang. This vision is in line with the Danang urban development orientation.

This complex can be located in an ideal flat geographical place along the coast. AND  designed a masterplan along two axis roads ( North/ South and East/ West). At the intersection of these two roads is a circle , which is considered as “Sun of the East”, created by high- rise commercial- service building , layouted to create a vison as Sun gate when approaching from 4 side of 2 axis. At the end of the East axis, a port for yacht designed along a curve with  a roof systems as designed as sails in ocean.




Phuong Trang Corp.




Urbun planning